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Scotch tape with logo (branded scotch tape, brand scotch tape) "KristalPack" is a practical solution that combines the functions of packaging and advertising. It does not require large investments to simply and succinctly declare your brand, new product or event. Scotch tape with a logo is an economical yet effective way to draw attention to a company's products. As an advertising and informational attribute, scotch tape continues to fulfill its main function - to ensure reliable packaging of products for various purposes.

The image is applied to the film using flexographic ink, and then fixed with a special varnish that protects the logo from mechanical damage


Ease of use of branded adhesive tape, strength and excellent adhesion characteristics to most types of surfaces, makes it possible to use it for fast and reliable packaging of goods in cardboard boxes, plastic and other containers for further storage in a warehouse or transportation. The base of the adhesive tape can be either transparent or colored, which allows the consumer to choose the color that suits his needs.

KristalPack  2024

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